New WHO Leadership Team Demonstrates Agency’s Commitment To Gender Equality

HuffPost: A Leap Forward for Gender Equality in Global Health
Nicole Schiegg, strategic communications consultant

“Women have been making sizable contributions to global health for decades. We have influenced advocacy, policy, technical, and programmatic issues. However, as a global health community, we still battle conundrums like ‘all male panels’ and not seeing enough women in the top leadership positions. In that respect, [Tuesday] was a game changer. Dr. Tedros [Adhanom Ghebreyesus] announced his senior leadership team at the World Health Organization (WHO). Not only do leaders represent 14 countries, including all WHO regions, 60 percent of the appointments are women. This is [a] monumental moment for gender equality in global health leadership. … I am excited to see how these new WHO leaders will shape the organization. As I have said before, a strong WHO benefits us all. And we all have a role to play in WHO’s success. The same is true on advancing gender equality in global health — men and women alike…” (10/3).