New Report Tracks Progress On Global Health Commitments, Finds Most Funders Met Or Exceeded Targets

Humanosphere: Report: Global health funders (mostly) following through on their promises
Humanosphere journalist Lisa Nikolau discusses findings from Global Citizen’s recently released Global Citizen Health Accountability report, which “tracks the progress of 43 separate commitments, from efforts to eradicate polio to vaccinating against malaria. Thirty-four of the commitments have met or exceeded their target … while four commitments are progressing but with risk of falling behind.” Nikolau adds, “While global health pledges have seen follow-through overall, the authors [of the report] raise concerns about the shifting trend in funding. Donor funding for global health is declining relative to domestic funding, the report stated, which means the world’s poorest countries are better able to invest in improving their own health systems. At the same time, the authors said, such success must not detract from the need for donors” (11/18).