New Humanitarian Examines COVID-19’s Impact On Humanitarian Aid Sector

New Humanitarian: Beyond coronavirus: What’s keeping these aid workers up at night
“With borders now closing around the world and health services coming under huge strain as COVID-19 spreads, the humanitarian sector is scrambling to adapt to new challenges while continuing to provide assistance in ongoing emergencies and disasters. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, national governments, and central banks have reacted with massive stimulus packages, loans, and cash pledges to limit the economic and social fallout. This week, the U.N. will kick off an unprecedented global humanitarian response plan for the impact of the coronavirus on the world’s troublespots and poorest countries. … TNH asked representatives from across the sector — from heads of aid organizations to those on the front lines of crises — what is keeping them up at night, and what the best way forward might be…” (Dupraz-Dobias, 3/24).