Nearly 6,000 Dead In Haitian Cholera Outbreak, Health Ministry Says

“The number of cholera fatalities in Haiti has risen to just short of 6,000, the health ministry said Sunday,” Deutsche Presse-Agentur/M&C reports. “By 31 July, 5,968 had died with 10 more people succumbing every day, the ministry said,” and “[m]ore than 420,000 people have been infected since the outbreak started in October and another 600 cases are registered daily,” the news agency notes.

“The problem is being exacerbated by the lack of a government,” as “[n]ew President Michel Martelly has still not succeeded in appointing a prime minister,” the news agency writes. “The deadlock is delaying the reconstruction of the country, which was hit by an earthquake in January 2010 that killed 220,000,” according to DPA/M&C (8/15).