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Nearly 50K Children At Risk Of Starvation, 250K Malnourished In Nigeria’s Borno State, UNICEF Says

Newsweek: Boko Haram: 50,000 Nigerian Children Risk Death by Starvation in Militant Group’s Home State
“Almost 50,000 children are at risk of starving to death in northeast Nigeria, as the country reels from the impact of Boko Haram’s almost-seven-year insurgency…” (Gaffey, 7/19).

TIME: Boko Haram Has Left 250,000 Children Suffering from ‘Severe Malnourishment’
“Almost one in five children in an area formerly occupied by the terror group will die if they do not receive treatment, a new UNICEF report says. Boko Haram’s onetime control over Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state has left an estimated quarter of a million children suffering from severe malnourishment, UNICEF announced in a report on Thursday…” (Quackenbush, 7/19).

Washington Post: U.N.: Nearly 50,000 kids at risk of starvation due to Boko Haram campaign
“…According to the UNICEF report, about 50,000 of the children will die if they don’t receive food and medical attention soon. The report focused on Borno state, which has suffered the worst of Boko Haram’s attacks and mass kidnappings. Yet while those crimes are well known — particularly the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok — the immense humanitarian impact of the group’s campaign has received much less attention…” (Sieff, 7/18).