NBC News Examines Impacts Of Trump Administration’s Expanded Mexico City Policy

NBC News: Trump’s foreign aid policies endanger women, experts say
“…Global health campaigners warn that decisions made in Washington are making conditions worse for women around the world… In January 2017, President Donald Trump re-instated the Mexico City policy, widely referred to as the global gag rule … The ‘vast majority’ of foreign nongovernmental organizations subject to the policy have agreed to the conditions, [a USAID spokesperson] statement said. For those that have refused, ‘USAID has worked to transition the activities to other highly qualified partners while minimizing disruption of services,’ according to the statement. The spokesperson added that the State Department and USAID are monitoring the policy and a final review of its implementation will be released in the coming months. But experts say the evidence is clear and they are calling the policy an attack on human rights…” (Givetash, 7/2).