Multipurpose Prevention Technologies Can Help Women Reduce Risk Of HIV Infection, Control Reproductive Health

New York Times: Letter to the Editor: HIV and African Women
Bethany Young Holt, director of the Initiative for MPTs, and executive director of CAMI Health

“…Although a very welcome development, the dapivirine ring is not the only device with potential for birth control-HIV prevention. Multipurpose Prevention Technologies, or MPTs, are new methods in development that can deliver contraception with HIV and other sexually transmitted disease prevention in various combinations. … Women’s ability to avoid HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and determine pregnancy and child spacing brings undeniable social, economic, and health benefits to women and families. Offering women a range of options that they themselves can control will enhance the health of women in Africa, and also in the United States, where unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates are as high as those in many developing countries” (3/4).