Multilateral Aid Review Act ‘Positive Step’ Toward U.S. Aid Reforms

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: Multilateral Aid Review Act a Bipartisan Opportunity to Increase Aid Effectiveness
In a statement delivered on behalf of MFAN, Co-Chairs George Ingram, Tessie San Martin, and Connie Veillette write, “MFAN commends the effort to review U.S. assistance to multilateral institutions in order to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness. … Overall, [the Multilateral Aid Review Act (S. 1928)] is a positive step toward evidence-based reforms as an alternative to the administration’s proposed deep and disproportionate budget cuts to international programs. … As the bill moves forward, MFAN hopes to work with Congress to strengthen provisions related to transparency, congressional and stakeholder engagement, and the articulation of foreign policy interests” (11/20).