MSF Report Examines TB Responses In 8 High-Burden Countries

The following posts discuss a new report from MSF on the responses to tuberculosis in eight high-burden countries.

Médecins Sans Frontières Access Campaign: Out Of Step: Deadly implementation gaps in the TB response
“…Based on a survey of eight high TB burden countries, MSF’s research reveals that efforts to control the epidemic are dangerously out of step with international recommendations and proven best practices, leaving drug-resistant forms of TB to spread unabated. MSF warns that governments, donors, and industry must act now, using every means available, to step-up the response to the crisis, or face a further growth in resistance” (10/30).

Yahoo! News Malaysia’s “Pulse”: The global drug-resistant tuberculosis crisis
Rémi Carrier, executive director of MSF Hong Kong, discusses the report, writing, “…[C]ountries and global health actors at every level must step up their commitment and actions to ensure major strides are taken in the fight against TB, and in particular to curb the global DR-TB crisis. It’s time for TB research and development efforts to be prioritized and funded in a way that ensures lifesaving diagnostics and treatments rapidly reach the people who so desperately need them” (10/31).