More Than 30M Will Need Food Aid In Southern Africa Due To Drought; Aid Agencies Launch Multimillion Dollar Appeal

VOA News: Southern Africa Stricken by Major Hunger Crisis, Aid Group Warns
“Aid organizations are sounding the alarm over a food crisis in Southern Africa that was caused by yet another season of poor weather that this year involved devastating floods followed by withering drought. Aid officials at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies say they are launching a multimillion dollar appeal — starting with an appeal for about one million dollars for each crisis in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Namibia…” (Powell, 9/25).

Wall Street Journal: Severe Droughts Leave Africans Hungry and Desperate
“…The damage to food production is spreading across the continent: From Angola to Zimbabwe, officials say more than 30 million Africans will need help to survive the looming tropical dry season after the worst droughts since 1992 slashed this year’s harvest of such staples as corn, rice, and beans by half. … [T]his year’s shortages are being aggravated by an incongruous dynamic: Surging economic growth has diminished many nations’ reliance on foreign donors, leaving them more exposed to the ravages of unexpected droughts and storms…” (Bariyo/McGroarty, 9/24).