More News In Global Health

Global Voices: Cameroonians with HIV face ‘a death sentence’ as Global Fund threatens to pull antiretroviral drugs (Daniel, 9/12).

Guam Daily Post: Guam has 1st local dengue in 75 years (Daleno, 9/13).

The Guardian: Indonesia takes steps to improve protection of mental health patients (Kamali, 9/13).

Nature: Scientists use gene-edited stem cells to treat HIV — with mixed success (Lambert, 9/11).

New Humanitarian: From Ebola to Kunduz: MSF head Joanne Liu looks back (Parker, 9/12).

New York Times: At a Maternity Center Near a War Zone, 20 Births in One Day (Zucchino/Faizi, 9/12).

NPR: Rape Emergency Declared In Sierra Leone, Then Lifted. Did Anything Change? (Kardas-Nelson, 9/12).

The Telegraph: From eye cancer to HIV and Parkinson’s — meet the companies developing smartphone apps set to improve medical diagnostics (Boland/Chowdhury, 9/12).