More News In Global Health

Associated Press: Global effort to get kids out of orphanages gains momentum (Mutler et al., 12/19).

Bloomberg: The Fight to Eradicate Break-Bone Fever Faces Another Setback (Paton, 12/18).

Devex: New data gateway helps developing countries collect crucial information (Cornish, 12/18).

Devex: Responding to East Africa’s food security crisis in 2017, preparing for next year (Jerving, 12/18).

Devex: U.N.’s Alston tailors language to talk about development in the U.S. (Lieberman, 12/18).

Inter Press Service: No Health Protection for Migrant-Women Healthcare Givers (Kamal, 12/18).

Xinhua News: Roundup: WHO certifies Kenya as Guinea worm-free country (12/18).