More Health Workers Infected With Ebola In DRC; New Humanitarian Interviews U.N. Ebola Coordinator David Gressly

CIDRAP News: Three more health workers infected in Ebola outbreak
“The new cases raise the total number of health care workers infected in this outbreak to 131, including 41 deaths. Health workers make up 5% of all the victims of this outbreak, according to DRC data. The World Health Organization (WHO), however, in its latest Disease Outbreak News update, puts the number of infected health workers at 132…” (Soucheray, 7/11).

The Guardian: Measles vaccination begins in Ebola-hit Congo amid fears of ‘massive loss of life’
“Health workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have launched an urgent measles vaccination campaign in Ebola-hit regions, after almost 2,000 deaths from the preventable disease, two-thirds of them among children under five. … The ‘unprecedented’ humanitarian crisis is putting the health system under strain, U.N. staff said…” (McVeigh, 7/12).

New Humanitarian: Q&A | Tackling Congo’s Ebola outbreak ‘more than a public health response’
“…Appointed as U.N. Emergency Ebola Response Coordinator in May, David Gressly is the man responsible for getting on top of the crisis. He is advocating a structured approach to fighting the disease, in order to focus on what is ‘stopping the public health response from happening.’ … In a two-part interview — via phone and email — he spoke to the New Humanitarian about the challenge of working in a region that has suffered two decades of armed conflict; where the humanitarian needs of communities extend well beyond this health crisis; and on the urgency of developing a ‘partner-wide’ strategy to end the outbreak…” (Elliott, 7/11).

Washington Times: Two Ebola treatments in field show promise in lab tests
“…The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it found that the [experimental] treatments, the antiviral drug remdesivir and single-cell antibodies from ZMapp (an ‘antibody cocktail’), both block the growth of the viral strain causing the [DRC] Ebola outbreak in cultured human cells…” (Tan, 7/11).