More Global Investment Needed To Meet Sexual, Reproductive Health Needs Of Women In Developing Countries, Guttmacher CEO, Report Say

BMJ Opinion: Ann Starrs: A critical moment to increase investments in women’s family planning needs
Ann M. Starrs, president and CEO of the Guttmacher Institute, writes, “Investments in sexual and reproductive health are critical for saving lives and reducing ill-health among women and their children — and for fulfilling their internationally recognized right to good health. Investing in reproductive and sexual health services in developing regions is key to reducing poverty and promoting development, and saves money overall.” Starrs discusses new research by the Guttmacher Institute showing the importance of investments in family planning services in developing countries (6/29).

Guttmacher Institute: Greater Investments Needed to Meet Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs in Developing Regions
“A new study published today by the Guttmacher Institute finds that contraceptive services and maternal and newborn health (MNH) services fall far short of needs in developing regions. The study, Adding It Up: Investing in Contraception and Maternal and Newborn Health, 2017, finds that 214 million women in developing countries want to avoid pregnancy but — for a variety of reasons — are not using a modern method of contraception. … Fully meeting contraceptive and MNH care needs in developing regions can be achieved by spending $52.5 billion annually, or just $8.39 per person per year (in 2017 U.S. dollars). The new research shows that meeting the needs for modern contraception and pregnancy-related care together is a cost-saving investment…” (6/29).