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Middle East’s Snow, Cold Weather Exacerbate Humanitarian Situation For Displaced Syrians

“Already suffering from shortages of food aid, schooling, clean water, sanitation and employment, Syrians displaced inside the country and throughout the region — about nine million people — now must contend with bitter weather that, according to UNICEF, threatens more than 100,000 children living in temporary and often flimsy shelters in Lebanon alone,” the New York Times reports. “While snow is common in Lebanon and parts of Syria, some [in Egypt] saw snow for the first time in their lives and Jerusalem this week recorded the heaviest December snowfall since the 1950s,” the newspaper notes. The New York Times examines conditions at “one of the hundreds of informal, scattered camps that house most of the several hundred thousand Syrians who have fled to Lebanon” (Barnard/Saad/Ghannam, 12/13).