Mexico City Policy Likely Will Prohibit Funding To Pakistani Abortion Hotline

The Guardian: Abortion in Pakistan: struggling to support a woman’s right to choose
“…Saba Ismail, co-founder of the Pakistani women’s group Aware Girls, launched an abortion hotline in June 2010. Aware Girls has received USAID funding in the past but now will have to depend on grants from European foundations after President Trump reinstated the global gag rule which prohibits U.S. funding to NGOs which provide information about abortions. ‘We have not heard any donor withdrawing our funding on this basis yet, but we will become automatically ineligible for USAID and other State Department grants on this basis, and that’s the challenge,’ says Ismail. … Marie Stopes International, the family planning NGO which receives funding from USAID, says that its work in Pakistan over the past decade has ‘averted 4.6 million unintended pregnancies, 1.9 million unsafe abortions, and 6,000 maternal deaths’…” (Saleem, 1/30).