Mexico City Policy Damaging To Women’s Health, Should Be Repealed

Toronto Sun: The trouble with Trump and the gag rule
Farzana Hassan, columnist at the Toronto Sun

“…I object to [the Mexico City policy] despite being a long-time advocate of the sanctity of human life even at its earliest and most fragile. The problems of [women in developing countries] are far too compelling for any subjective take on these issues. … If one examines the effects of the lack of funding to organizations who enable abortions for these impoverished, marginalized, and often greatly abused women, one can easily understand that it is mainly these women who would be negatively affected by the global gag rule. … The global gag rule … is an ill-thought-out approach to fighting abortion in order to satisfy the domestic pro-life lobby. This is not as much a domestic issue, nor should it be a partisan one. The executive order is a step back in fighting serious global health problems. Any administration genuinely concerned about the well-being of the world’s most disadvantaged women would immediately repeal it” (3/9).