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Mexico City Policy Could Threaten Progress Made On Global HIV/AIDS

HuffPost: The Global Gag Rule Impacts Hard-Fought Progress On HIV/AIDS Relief
Seema Jalan, executive director at the Universal Access Project

“…The expansion of the Global Gag Rule will roll back hard-fought progress and long-standing U.S. leadership on HIV/AIDS relief around the world, especially for key populations on the front lines of efforts to fight HIV. It reverses global efforts to integrate HIV and sexual and reproductive health programs and services, a best practice in health care service delivery as there may only be one clinic serving an entire population. … It’s too soon to say just how far back this policy will take us. But if history serves as any indicator, it is likely to be tragic. … [I]t’s a false dichotomy to have to choose between providing lifesaving HIV/AIDS therapy or lifesaving reproductive health services. Under the expanded policy, … the fundamental right to quality, accessible health care for vulnerable families and communities will be jeopardized and our country’s progress on global health will be undermined. As we continue to track the impacts of this reinstated and expanded Global Gag Rule, our elected officials — and we, as the constituents that hold them accountable — must ensure that the health and rights of the world’s most marginalized people are not forgotten. It’s the best of American values” (12/1).