Media Outlets Report On Final Days Of World Health Assembly

CBS News: World Health Organization removes “gender identity disorder” from list of mental illnesses (Lewis, 5/28).

Devex: Transparency, migrant health wrap up 72nd World Health Assembly (Ravelo/Chadwick, 5/29).

Global Health NOW: A View Inside the Whirlwind: Loyce Pace on #WHA72 (Simpson, 5/28).

NPR: Snakebites And Kissing Bugs Among Surprise Items On World Health Agenda (Simpson, 5/28).

NPR: WHO Redefines Burnout As A ‘Syndrome’ Linked To Chronic Stress At Work (Chatterjee/Wroth, 5/28).

NPR: Is ‘Gaming Disorder’ An Illness? WHO Says Yes, Adding It To Its List Of Diseases (Kamenetz, 5/28).

TIME: The World Health Organization Will Stop Classifying Transgender People as Having a ‘Mental Disorder’ (Haynes, 5/28).