Media Outlets Examine Threat Of Drug-Resistant TB, Gaps In Diagnostics

Healio Infectious Disease News: MDR-TB: A ‘global public health crisis’
“Tuberculosis killed 1.6 million people in 2017 — more than 4,000 each day. … Infectious Disease News spoke with experts about the global effort to eliminate MDR-TB and end the TB epidemic…” (Stulpin, October 2018).

The Telegraph: ‘Severe gaps’ in identifying drug resistance puts TB patients at risk, report claims
“A strain of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) which evades commonly used diagnostic tools and leaves patients inadequately treated has been identified in South Africa. The country has one of the highest rates of TB infection in the world, with more than 320,000 people infected in 2017, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) figures. The situation is being made worse by a resistant strain of the disease which is not picked up by the most commonly available diagnostic kits, according to a report published in Lancet on Thursday…” (Newey, 10/22).