Media Outlets Examine Efforts To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine, Distribution Challenges, Herd Immunity

Financial Times: Rich country vaccine rush threatens supply security (7/23).

Financial Times: U.K. to launch its biggest flu vaccination program (Neville/Gross, 7/23).

Homeland Preparedness News: CEPI’s call for COVID-19 vaccine proposals seeks doses capable of 12-18 month turnaround (Galford, 7/23).

New York Times: Who Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine First? Here’s One Idea (Kolata, 7/23).

NPR: Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say, Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved (Brumfiel, 7/24).

PBS NewsHour: What we know about the search for a COVID-19 vaccine — and what we don’t (O’Brien, 7/22).