Media Outlets Examine Challenges To Ebola Response In DRC

National Geographic: The world’s second-biggest Ebola outbreak is still raging. Here’s why.
“…Now, teams trying to track the spread of the disease are finding fresh cases with no obvious connection to previous patients, leading some health specialists to worry that the end of this epidemic is nowhere in sight. Efforts to contain the virus also have been hindered by the path of the outbreak, which is spreading through areas marked by a deep distrust of foreigners, and therefore more hesitance to seek treatment. As well, ongoing political strife and violence are tearing through the region — including assaults aimed specifically at Ebola responders — and making it difficult for aid workers to corral the spread of the outbreak…” (Drake, 4/19).

NBC News: Congo’s Ebola response threatened by conspiracy theories, rumors
“…In addition to combating a lethal virus, health workers are having to dispel rumors that the disease is manufactured and that the millions of dollars spent on the response are part of a money-making scheme derisively referred to as the ‘Ebola business.’ ‘We have lost the trust of the community,’ Tariq Riebl of the nonprofit International Rescue Committee told NBC News from Goma…” (Joselow/Givetash, 4/20).