Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of WHO’s Top 10 Global Health Threats In 2019, Including Addition Of Vaccine Complacency

ABC News: Vaccine hesitancy, climate change, Ebola among top 10 ‘threats to global health’ this year, WHO says
“The World Health Organization (WHO) has named people who oppose vaccination among the top 10 ‘threats to global health’ this year…” (Winsor, 1/17).

Fox News: Anti-vaxxers among top ‘threats to global health,’ WHO says
“…The organization in a recently released list said that while vaccines are ‘one of the most cost-effective ways of avoiding disease,’ there are several reasons — including ‘complacency, convenience, and confidence’ — that are to blame…” (Darrah, 1/17).

Gizmodo: Ebola, HIV, Antivaxxers: The World Health Organization Names 2019’s Global Health Threats
“…The new inclusion (it wasn’t on WHO’s 2018 list) is the latest recognition of how dangerous the antivax movement has become…” (Cara, 1/17).

USA TODAY: People choosing not to vaccinate is now a global health threat, says WHO
“…WHO said that vaccines prevent two million to three million deaths a year and that improved global coverage on vaccinations could stop an additional 1.5 million deaths annually…” (Molina, 1/17).