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Mass Distribution Of Ivermectin Helping To Prevent, Treat River Blindness In Ghana

NPR: What A Difference A Drug Makes In The Fight Against River Blindness
“…[O]ver the past three decades, much of the world has made steady progress against the debilitating condition. And much of the credit for that progress is linked to ministries of health introducing the drug ivermectin. Mass distributions of ivermectin tablets have sent onchocerciasis rates plummeting. The village of Beposo 2 in central Ghana is one of those places…” (Beaubien, 1/15).

NPR: The Farmer And Fisherman Who Lost His Sight To River Blindness
“…[60-year-old Emmanuel Kwame, who’s completely blind,] is well aware his life would have been very different if these drugs had come earlier. He says the worst thing about onchocerciasis was that it hit him when he was in his 20s and robbed him of the chance to marry…” (Beaubien, 1/14).