Malawi Population-Based Impact Assessment Data Enable Health Workers To Identify, Fill HIV Prevention, Care Gaps

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: Precision Public Health: Using Malawi Population-Based Impact Assessment (MPHIA) Data to Reach HIV Epidemic Control in Malawi
Nellie Wadonda-Kabondo of the CDC and Danielle Payne, monitoring and evaluation fellow at Global Health Corps, discuss results from the Malawi Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (MPHIA), “Malawi’s first nationally representative HIV survey that measures national HIV incidence, pediatric HIV prevalence, and viral load suppression.” The authors note, “MPHIA data have been used to identify program gaps in specific geographic areas and subpopulations and has also served to triangulate existing data and estimates. … As Malawi moves toward HIV epidemic control, MPHIA and subsequent analyses have allowed Malawi to practice precision public health to reach those individuals most in need of HIV testing and clinical care” (10/11).