Mail & Guardian Africa Examines Increasing Partnering Of Aid Agencies, NGOs With Large Corporations

Mail & Guardian Africa: The business of aid: there’s big money being made fighting poverty, disease and hunger
“Aid agencies and NGOs are increasingly partnering with large corporations. New answer to global development — or just corporate welfare for the one percent? … The corporate takeover of aid is not just about co-financing projects with aid donors, however. Large corporations are also increasingly involved in the design and delivery of projects, and, again, in shaping policy and setting the agenda. Jen Kates at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said: ‘there really has been a concerted shift and change in the conversation around the private sector.’ And ‘whether it’s self-interest, economically driven, or due to their sense of being part of a global community,’ she said, companies are now involved in aid and development in a ‘way that wasn’t there 20 years ago, 15 years ago’…” (Kenard/Provost, 5/15).