Liberian President Launches Pneumonia Vaccination Campaign

Two news outlets report on the launch of Liberia’s pneumonia vaccination campaign, which aims to reduce the country’s infant mortality rate.

Deutsche Welle: Cutting child deaths from pneumonia in Liberia
“…The vaccination campaign was launched in Monrovia by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on January 9, 2014. Meanwhile health officials say they have deployed over 1,000 medical staff in 500 facilities across to administer the vaccine. … With this program, Liberia hopes to cut its infant mortality rate…” (Kanubah, 1/15).

Associated Press: Liberia to vaccinate 100,000 children
“Health officials in Liberia have launched a campaign to vaccinate some 100,000 children against pneumonia. UNICEF representative Sheldon Yett said Thursday that the pneumococcal vaccine could have prevented some 7,000 deaths last year in Liberia…” (1/9).