Liberian Government Provides Food, Water Assistance In Ebola-Quarantined Area; Boy Dies From Gunshot Wound After Violent Clashes

News outlets report on the situation in a quarantined Liberian neighborhood, where violence broke out and food shortages are expected.

Associated Press: Liberia gives food in slum sealed to stop Ebola
“Government officials handed out bags of rice and sachets of drinking water Thursday to residents of an impoverished slum in Liberia’s capital where tens of thousands of people have been barricaded in an effort to stop the spread of Ebola…” (Paye-Layleh/Larson, 8/21).

New York Times: Liberian Boy Dies After Being Shot During Clash Over Ebola Quarantine
“A teenage boy who was wounded on Wednesday during clashes at an Ebola-stricken neighborhood in Monrovia, Liberia, died of bleeding and hypothermic shock after being shot in his legs, said Dr. Mohammed Sankoh, the medical director of Redemption Hospital…” (Onishi, 8/21).