Liberia, Nigeria Declare State of Emergency Over Ebola; Health Systems Overwhelmed

News outlets continue to report on the impact of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, including the declarations of a state of emergency in both Liberia and Nigeria.

Agence France-Presse: Ebola sparks states of emergency across west Africa
“The fast-spreading Ebola epidemic sparked states of emergency in overwhelmed west African nations Thursday as the death toll neared 1,000 and an elderly Spanish missionary was evacuated for treatment at home. In Liberia, where the dead lay in the streets, lawmakers gathered to ratify a state of emergency while Sierra Leone sent troops to guard hospitals and clinics handling Ebola cases…” (8/7).

Reuters: West African healthcare systems reel as Ebola toll hits 932
“Health workers in West Africa appealed on Wednesday for urgent help in controlling the world’s worst Ebola outbreak as the death toll climbed to 932 and Liberia declared a state of emergency…” (Snyder/Flynn, 8/6).

Reuters: Ebola sucks life from West African states weakened by war, poverty
“Poverty, then war, and now, a deadly plague. Among the world’s poorest states at the bottom of global development indexes, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea had shown signs of leaving behind brutal wars and leaping into Africa’s economic boom – before a lethal Ebola epidemic struck…” (MacDougall/Farge, 8/7).

Reuters: Sierra Leone police blockade Ebola areas, Liberia declares emergency
“The army blockaded rural areas hit by the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone on Thursday, a senior officer said, after neighboring Liberia declared a state of emergency to tackle the worst outbreak of the disease, which has killed 932 people…” (Fofana/MacDougall, 8/7).

Washington Post: Ebola spreads to Nigeria. Goverment declares emergency.
“Nigeria’s health minister has declared a health emergency as the deadly Ebola virus gained a foothold in Africa’s most populous nation, according to news reports…” (Bever, 8/7).