Legal Working Group Helping NGOs Navigate Expanded Mexico City Policy

BuzzFeed News: Inside The Covert Group Of Lawyers Working To Fight The ‘Chilling Effect’ Of Trump’s Abortion Policy
“A cabal of lawyers has been working pro bono and under the radar for nearly two years to fight against the harm they say President Donald Trump’s anti-abortion foreign policy is causing globally. … [T]he group of lawyers made it their mission to mitigate the policy’s harm by negotiating with the administration and providing legal counsel to organizations that think the policy has been misapplied to them. The group is considering litigation against the U.S. government over the policy as well. … The chief concern of the group, four of its members told BuzzFeed News, is making sure organizations in countries that rely on U.S. funding to provide health care are not ‘over-complying’ with the Mexico City policy, meaning ending family-planning programs that don’t technically violate the policy, out of fear of the U.S. cutting funding — a phenomenon advocates call the ‘chilling effect’…” (O’Connor, 10/12).