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Learning From HIV To Treat, Prevent HPV, Other Cancers

The Hill: HPV may be the new HIV
Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, founder of BFFL Co.

“In May, I will be traveling with a group of physicians to Botswana for a conference sponsored by the Ministry of Health and several other organizations in hopes to inspire discussion around cancer care in Botswana and to work toward setting up a sustainable system for regular cancer treatment. Using knowledge from the AIDS epidemic, we will formulate a plan for treating the related cancers that will include education, health care training, vaccination, screening, treatment and follow-up. … However, careful planning must be undertaken first to develop an infrastructure capable of screening, diagnosing, treating and following patients. The country must be introduced to the idea of cancer care and cancer prevention, integrated into the health care system that already exists. Health care workers require training to screen, diagnose and present viable treatment plans while medicines, equipment and tools are desperately needed. Together, with the team of qualified physicians, we hope to build a model that can be transferable with other countries facing similar epidemics, to work to improve the quality of life for people across the globe, starting one country at a time” (4/10).