Latin America Faces Dengue Fever Epidemic Amidst COVID-19; Doctors Fear Health System Collapse

The Observers/France 24: Peruvian hospitals hit by double crisis of Covid-19 and dengue fever
“Hospitals in Iquitos, Peru, had already been locked in a months-long struggle against a dengue fever epidemic when Covid-19 hit. The hospitals have been in a dire state since mid-April — an estimated 80% of the department’s health care workers have fallen ill and they are running out of oxygen and beds for sick patients. One doctor says the situation is ‘out of control’…” (Lauvergnier, 5/12).

Reuters: ‘Dengue kills too’ — Latin America faces two epidemics at once
“…Dengue — colloquially called breakbone fever for the severe joint pain it causes — is endemic in much of Latin America, but COVID-19’s arrival has pulled crucial attention and resources away from the fight against it, doctors and officials say. The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) expects 2020 to be marked by high rates of dengue, which can fill intensive care units and kill patients even absent the pressures of COVID-19…” (Griffin et al., 5/12).