Large-Scale Trial Of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Begins In Liberia

Associated Press: Ebola vaccines trial starts in Liberia
“A large-scale human trial of two potential Ebola vaccines got under way in Liberia’s capital Monday, part of a global effort to prevent a repeat of the epidemic that has now claimed nearly 9,000 lives in West Africa…” (Paye-Layleh, 2/2).

International Business Times: Ebola vaccine trials on 30,000 volunteers to begin in Liberia
“…Scientists will give the vaccine to some 30,000 volunteers in a bid to put a halt to the ever increasing number of people who have already lost their lives to the virus. Over 8,500 people have succumbed to the disease already…” (Martin, 2/2).

TIME: The First Ever Large-Scale Ebola Vaccine Trial Begins in Liberia
“…British pharmaceutical and health care company GlaxoSmithKline developed the vaccine alongside the U.S. National Institutes of Health; should the trial be successful, it would be the first preventative vaccine against the killer virus…” (Regan, 2/2).