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LAC Health Summit Addresses Inequities In Health Status

In a post in USAID’s “IMPACTblog,” published as part of “a series to coincide with A Promise Renewed in the Americas: ‘Reducing Inequalities in Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Summit’ during September 10-12 in Panama,” Veronica Valdivieso, deputy health team leader for USAID’s Regional Sustainable Development Office, Latin America and Caribbean, writes, “In the past decade, most economies in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) have grown at a rapid pace,” but “[u]nfortunately, this growth has not benefited everyone in the region.” She discusses how disparities in access to health and social services and education perpetuate inequalities in health indicators such as under-five child mortality and nutrition. “The regional Promise Renewed event taking place in Panama this week aims to build momentum for countries and partners in the region to address inequities that impact health status,” she states (9/10). A press release from A Promise Renewed notes “26 Ministers of Health from Latin America and the Caribbean and seven international partners signed the Declaration of Panama pledge to end all preventable child and maternal deaths by 2035” (9/10).