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Kenya’s HIV Efforts Hindered By Discrimination; Country Must Protect LGBTI Rights

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Homophobic violence hinders HIV response in Kenya
Patrick Mutisya, member of the Key Correspondents network supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

“…In Kenya, as in many countries, men who have sex with men are cursed, rejected, and even criminalized. Living in such a society prevents many from accessing HIV prevention services and health care. … If Kenya is serious about attaining zero new HIV infections it must make stronger laws and policies that help combat stigma and discrimination, and ensure the constitution is upheld, protecting the human rights of all. Inevitably Kenya isn’t the only country facing such challenges and around the world at least 78 countries have homophobic laws. … It will take a concerted effort from civil society if LGBTI people’s human rights are to be upheld around the world…” (5/15).