Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Poll Findings On American Public’s Views Of U.S. Role In Global Health

Kaiser Family Foundation: Terrorism, Human Rights, and Climate Change Top the Public’s Priority List for U.S. Engagement in World Affairs; Other Issues, Including Health, Rated Important
“When it comes to world affairs, majorities of Americans list fighting terrorism (64 percent), protecting human rights (60 percent), and protecting the environment and fighting climate change (51 percent) as top priorities for the president and Congress, finds a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey of the public’s views on the United States’ role in global health. Global health ranks somewhat lower on the public’s priority list, with about a third (35 percent) of Americans saying it is one of the top priorities for U.S. engagement in world affairs, and half (51 percent) listing it as an important priority. When asked specifically about U.S. global health efforts, 69 percent of Americans say improving access to clean water should be one of the top priorities; followed by combating disease outbreaks like Ebola and Zika (62 percent), improving children’s health, including vaccinations, (61 percent) and reducing hunger and malnutrition (61 percent)…” (4/21).