IRIN Examines How Mining Industry In Mozambique Increasing Fears Of HIV

IRIN examines how “[e]very mining boom brings the fear of a rising HIV infection rate, particularly in a country like Mozambique, where the estimated prevalence is already 11.3 percent.” The news service looks at how the promise of a large coal mining operation in the Tete province of Mozambique could affect the area’s HIV incidence rate and efforts to provide health services to miners, truck drivers, and sex workers. The Improved Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Services for Most at Risk Populations (MARP), “a collaboration between Mozambican health authorities, the International Centre for Reproductive Health, USAID, and the Flemish International Cooperation Agency (FICA),” recently opened a night clinic to serve patients in Tete, IRIN notes. Though the mining company Vale has contributed $200,000 to the effort, public health officials say the company must do more to help its employees, according to the news service (4/11).