IPS Reports On Outcome Of International Parliamentarians Conference In Istanbul

Inter Press Service reports on the outcome of the 2012 International Parliamentarians Conference on Implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) program of action that took place in Istanbul, Turkey, last week, writing, “The debate on the final text of the declaration was reportedly a heated one,” with representative of “North and South … not see[ing] eye-to-eye on several points of the proposals put forward by subcommittees and working groups.” IPS describes the declaration’s main points, and says, “Although reducing maternal death at giving birth, improving sexual health, particularly HIV and AIDS prevention, and fighting abuse received wide support, other subjects,” including access to family planning services, “remain taboo, meeting resistance, both from emerging and from a handful of Western countries.” The news service notes “ICPI members can only act through persuading their respective parliaments to pass legislation that helps such goals be furthered” (Couvas, 5/31).