Investment In Innovation Critical To Achieving Health-Related SDGs

Devex: We won’t meet health-related SDGs if we don’t invest in innovation
Amie Batson, chief strategy officer at PATH

“The sustainable development goals won’t be finalized until September, but people are already debating whether we can reach them. At least for the proposed health targets one thing is clear, they won’t be achieved without innovations that make better health care more affordable, accessible, and effective. #GlobalGoalsWork, but only if we have the tools we need to reach them. … This is why PATH is leading the Innovation Countdown 2030 initiative. Learning from the MDGs, we have created a transparent, inclusive, and global platform to engage experts across disciplines, sectors, and geographies in identifying innovations that could have big impact by 2030. … As world leaders gather in the coming months to finalize the SDGs and strategize about how to finance and scale up solutions to help meet them, let’s ensure they know how important investments in R&D and delivery are to this process. Let’s also make sure that we, as a community, are prepared to think more strategically about how we accelerate innovation in the next 15 years” (6/16).