Partnerships To Train Frontline Workforce Can Help End Malnutrition

Devex: A silver medal’s not good enough when it comes to nutrition
Carolyn MacDonald, nutrition director and founder of the Nutrition Center of Expertise at World Vision International

“…[T]he current human capacity to implement evidence-based nutrition interventions is glaringly insufficient. There are limited professional training programs in countries with the highest burden of malnutrition. … Having seen the success of these courses in equipping practitioners from national to local levels, we are reaching out to funders and partners to scale them up. Partnering … with regionally and nationally competent institutions enables a coordinated and systemized capacity-strengthening approach that will reach the front lines. … Imagine the impact on the children around the globe if the world invested … in ending malnutrition, and, at the same time invested in a coordinated and systematic equipping of the workforce to make that vision a reality. That would increase the return on investment. That would change the game” (8/9).