Investing In Health Systems, Workforce Critical To Future Of Global Health

Devex: Opinion: The future of health financing
Pape Amadou Gaye, president and CEO of IntraHealth International

“…International donors and development partners must change the way we work and the value we provide as we move toward more [low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)] financing their own health sectors. How will we get there? First, we will have to advocate for stellar global and national governance, holding global agencies and countries accountable for developing, financing, and implementing evidence-based policies and programs. Secondly, we should liaise with the private sector to identify innovative solutions and investments that make health care more accessible and affordable to all. And thirdly, we must provide state-of-the-art technical assistance, helping countries translate academic research into sound, context-specific policy and practice. The global health of tomorrow relies on investments made today. If we start by collaborating to lay the groundwork for strong health systems and workforces around the world, we’ll be on our way to a future of better health and prosperity for all” (11/7).