International Women’s Day Provides Opportunity To Renew Commitment To World’s Girls

In this Huffington Post “Global Motherhood” opinion piece, Kate Roberts, vice president of corporate marketing, communications and advocacy at Population Services International, marks International Women’s Day, to be recognized on March 8, and its 2012 theme, “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.” She says “the story of Facebook exemplifies precisely why the global community needs to invest in young minds and young leaders — especially girls,” and speculates what might have happened if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “had been born a girl in Rwanda.” Roberts outlines what could happen to Rwandan girls growing up, including dying because of malaria or diarrhea before age five; missing out on educational opportunities; dying in childbirth at a young age; or contracting HIV.  

“On International Women’s Day, and every day after, the global community needs to make the lives and futures of young girls a priority,” she writes, adding, “We can and must work together to invest in programs and resources that give all young minds, regardless of gender or geography, the opportunity to build their lives on their own terms — to protect their health, to stay in school, to channel their creativity, and to pursue their dreams. Our global economy — and our global future — depends on it” (3/6).