International Council On Women’s Health Issues Congress Important Opportunity To Address Violence Against Women

Huffington Post: This Congress Is Undivided On Violence Against Women
Patricia M. Davidson, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

“The lives and freedom of women and girls across the globe have suffered attacks both subtle and horrific, political and personal, in peace and in war. … The toll of such emotional and physical stress is monumental, and the health fallout is as predictable as it should be preventable. … In poverty, in civil war, and in seasons of political discontent, gender equality and even basic human rights for women are often first to be sacrificed. That is why the 2016 [International Council on Women’s Health Issues (ICOWHI)] Congress is so essential, and why any and all of us should move mountains to be there. It is an opportunity to foster global resilience. It is a time to grieve together what’s been lost in a period of unimaginable global suffering. It is a chance to pool our deep resources of resilience, empathy, and brainpower to stem the tide” (6/20).