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International Community Must Act On Rabies Prevention To Eliminate Rabies Deaths By 2030

Financial Times: The Philippines offers hope of a rabies-free future
Louise Taylor, scientific director of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control

“…[T]he global goal to end human rabies deaths by 2030 is an ambitious deadline for a disease that has been around for millennia, and still kills about 59,000 people a year. … [But w]e now … have hope that rabies can be eliminated in countries where that was long considered impossible. This confidence comes from initiatives such as that in the Philippines, where an intensive dog vaccination, surveillance and education pilot program in Ilocos Norte, a province in the north of the country, managed to eliminate rabies in dogs and humans in just two years. … The international rabies community has come together to say: it is time to apply what we have learnt to make progress at scale. … On World Rabies Day (September 28), communities around the world said we can and must bring deaths from rabies down to zero by 2030” (9/28).