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Innovation In Immunization Programs Can Mean Better Learning, Sharing Of Information

In this Guardian “Global Development Professionals Network” blog post, Robert Steinglass, senior immunization adviser at John Snow, Inc., and immunization team leader for the USAID-funded Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program, writes about the importance of innovation to improving childhood immunization programs and health systems. He notes he recently moderated a panel at the GAVI Partners’ Forum, during which participants discussed different approaches.

After describing some of the programs detailed at the panel, Steinglass writes, “I believe the ultimate innovation could be to deliberately create a stimulating culture of learning,” because “[s]uch a culture … is more likely to emerge when it is inclusive of multiple perspectives, diverse disciplines and broad partnerships and when staff have an opportunity to learn from peers working on the same problems.” He adds, “Innovation can also be thought of as a process leading to better learning of what works and how it works in given contexts,” and concludes, “Investments in incremental improvement in activities, processes and products operating at scale can also overcome program stagnation, lead to significant performance improvement and produce value over time” (12/10).