Independent Global Health Risk Framework Aims To Improve Responses To Global Health Threats

New England Journal of Medicine: Creating a Global Health Risk Framework
Victor J. Dzau, chair, and Judith Rodin, vice-chair of the International Oversight Group of the Global Health Risk Framework

“…The Global Health Risk Framework (GHRF) initiative will build on lessons from the current Ebola outbreak and other major outbreaks to develop a comprehensive framework for improving our response to future global public health threats. The Commission will rigorously analyze options for improving governance, finance, health system resilience, and research and development for global health security. To foster trust internationally with various levels of government, civil society, academia, and industry, the Commission intends to keep the framework from being influenced by politics or the interests of any one country or organization. … The plan is to feature the Commission’s work at major events of the U.N., the World Health Assembly, and the G7 and G20 groups of countries, aiming for effect well beyond the health sphere. Ultimately, world leaders’ actions will determine international preparedness for future pandemics and medical disasters. This GHRF initiative should provide sound, evidence-based guidance for their decisions…” (8/5).