In Video Series, Podcast, News Outlets Examine Efforts To End AIDS Epidemic

PBS NewsHour: The End of AIDS?
“PBS NewsHour traveled to six places across the world to find stories of those in the middle of the AIDS epidemic. Will they find an end to AIDS? Watch our six-part series, starting July 11th…” (Brangham/Kane, 7/11).

U.N. News Centre: Podcast: End of AIDS within reach, but Kenneth Cole warns of reversal if treatment push lags
“Ending AIDS means controlling the spread of HIV and lessening its impact on people’s lives, the Joint U.N. Programme fighting the epidemic (UNAIDS) has said, noting that the number of people on antiretroviral treatment today has surpassed the number of new infections each year, and more countries are reporting that zero mother-to-child transmission of HIV is in sight. But in the latest episode of the U.N. Radio podcast series ‘The Lid is On,’ newly appointed UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador Kenneth Cole says that if ‘there isn’t a continuation of this initiative, we will see that reverse’…” (7/11).