In Series Of Interviews, Sierra Leonean President Outlines Ebola Recovery Needs Of West Africa

Reuters: West Africa seeks $5-6 billion aid, debts canceled: Sierra Leone’s Koroma
“The Ebola-stricken nations of West Africa are asking international donors to cancel their debts and give them $5-6 billion over two years to rebuild their economies, devastated by the deadly disease, Sierra Leone’s president said on Thursday…” (Dawson, 4/16).

VOA News: Sierra Leone President Koroma Bemoans Ebola Impact on Economy
“In [a video] interview with VOA’s Shaka Ssali on Wednesday, President Ernest Koroma said the outbreak undermined his government’s efforts to boost and restructure the economy after years of civil war” (4/15).

Washington Post: Sierra Leonean president looking past Ebola to broad national recovery
“…Looking beyond Ebola is the main goal of Koroma’s current visit to Washington. He and other leaders from the worst Ebola-stricken nations met with President Obama on Wednesday. On Friday, Koroma and the others will visit the World Bank to talk with finance and development officials. Koroma told the Washington Post that he is seeking assurances that the world will help Sierra Leone and the other nations regain their economic footing from the devastating blow of Ebola…” (Frankel, 4/16).