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Improving Access To Medical Abortion

“[I]n many countries, government policies, and societal practices do not uphold women’s right not to continue a pregnancy and women with unwanted pregnancies are forced into motherhood,” but “[f]ortunately for women, … [a]bortion with pills, also known as medical abortion (MA), provides a safe, low-cost and easy to use method to terminate pregnancies,” Leila Hessini and Alyson Hyman of Ipas write in an RH Reality Check post. “Last month, Ipas hosted a meeting — ‘In Women’s Hands: Increasing Access to Medical Abortion Drugs and Information through Pharmacies and Drug Sellers’ — in Nairobi, Kenya, that brought together 66 participants from 11 countries to discuss these important issues,” they write and discuss the actions of several organizations in different countries to improve access to MA. “We know unintended pregnancies will continue. So let’s give women safe options. Let’s put access to safe medical abortion in their hands,” they conclude (1/7).