Implementation Models For Dissemination Of Mental Health Research Needed

“In recent years, growing interest and awareness has resulted in global mental health finally stepping out of the narrow field of psychiatry and beginning to occupy space in public health discourse,” Julia Beart, head of business development for the U.K. charity Basic Needs, and Shoba Raja, director of policy and practice for the charity, write in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog. “Yet when it comes to investing in global mental health, the majority of the big players have largely constrained their scope to research,” they continue, adding, “The challenge, however, is translating such findings into the ‘real world’ delivery of services. What do these findings mean for the wide-scale implementation of affordable, sustainable services?” “There is a clear need to invest in the capacity of implementers to disseminate learning and share delivery knowledge,” they state, adding, “Innovative multi-sector partnerships which place implementers at the heart of delivery solutions are therefore key to achieving transformative systems change in mental health” (11/11).